Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paint, Photo, Pen & Pad 602. It's Now Official!

Apartment Gallery Aftermath!

It's NOT an art show if the the Cops aren't called. 

The Artshow turned out to be a great success and I hope that it has inspired other artists to get together and set up these ephemeral shows. There is so many ways to communicate with artists in your community — even within your own building, why not make this a common practice. 

What became clear the most intimidating part about holding an art show wasn't creating the art, or marketing the art, or inviting people to see the art - but simply finding a place to put the art. Now, I'm all for taking over public places, like sidewalks and sides of buildings, but admittedly, not all forms of art are suited to such.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paint, Photo, Pen and Pad

So, I have been thinking about having an apartment gallery for a time out of mind now. I think the concept finally came through and it involves many artists living in The Willmore Building and personal art friends of mine..

I view most gallery's as being fairly pretentious and intimidating. This gallery I hope will enact the opposite feeling and encourage everyone to be their own curator and critic. Artistic expression is within all of us.

Details to come...